Top Ten Gifts NOT To Give on Mother’s Day



Top Ten Gifts NOT to Give on Mother’s Day


by: Susan Fox
24/7 Moms Family Life Editor



Vacuum Cleaner

Gym Membership or Exercise Equipment

Power Tools


Anything Advertised “As Seen on TV”

Chia Pets


Refrigerator Magnets

Video Games

Bath Bubbles

Best Gifts To Give

Spa/ Massage gift certificate

Beautiful framed pictures of our children

Diamond studs. Even little ones are wonderful.

Coupon for someone else to clean the house

Gift certificate for dinner at favorite restaurant, not on Mother’s Day when they are slammed and food and service is horrible, but another night, and a sitter if needed

Perfume, only if you know for sure her favorite kind

Coupon for sleeping in on Saturday while you take kiddos out to breakfast
Gift card to favorite clothing store

Flowers, but only if you are rich, otherwise she’ll likely think it is a waste of money. Unless she really, really is into them. But not from the grocery store guys, c’mon?!

Kitchen gadgets only upon request. If she loves to bake and you haven’t bought her a Kitchen Aid yet, well, get to it!!!

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