MOM Tip: Day-Before Dinner Preparation Checklist

knifeMOM Tip: Here is a handy checklist you must check out before your next dinner party. Here are some great tips from Real Simple on what to prepare ahead of time!

Wash, trim, and chop vegetables and herbs – Bag and refrigerate.

Peel and cut up potatoes – Place in a bowl, cover with water, and refrigerate.

Blanch green beans, broccoli, and other green vegetables – Cook in boiling water until crisp-tender. Run under cold water to cool; drain and refrigerate.

Make green salad – Don’t dress it; place in a bowl, cover with a damp paper towel, and refrigerate.

Grate cheese – Refrigerate.

Marinate meat- Refrigerate.

Cook rice – Refrigerate; reheat in microwave.

Cook pasta –Toss with olive oil and refrigerate; reheat in microwave.

Click here for this tip from Real Simple.

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