DIY Family Command Center

It took me years to realize that creating a wall organization system or better  known as a family command center could actually save me time and keep my family organized in our daily chaos and busyness.
calendarIs your daily schedule out of control? Are you  often not sure who is coming or going? Did you run out of peanut butter for the third time and no one told you? Did you loose the filed trip permission slip again? Stop the disorganized family madness with t by creating your own family command center.

Keeping track of a family of seven can often seem overwhelming and out of control until I created our very own “family command center.” The purpose of our family command center was to create a central location for managing our household communication, my family’s day-to-day activities, shopping lists, school menus, chore charts and of course, to organize the piles of papers they seem to collect on a daily basis. You could call it our mini family office!

Do you need a family command center in your home? as the go-to place for your family to leave and retrieve information for everything going on, a family command center could prove a vital addition to your household.

Click here to read my step by step  how to Create your own family command center and then check out the below ideas of family command centers


Family Chalkboard Central Command Center


Click  here for how to details  from Home Talk

Cupboard Command Center


Click here for how to details from Wilbur Road

Organized Command Center


Click here for how to details from One Creative Housewife




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