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CuriosityIsCool_380px_wide_72dpiSummer Learning Loss:

The Case for Curiosity in and out of School

Most parents intuitively know that kids forget a lot of what they learned in school over the summer months. What parents haven’t known is how far-reaching the effects of this loss can be.

Summer Learning Loss is an issue for children across the entire socio-economic spectrum. Any child who doesn’t keep his/her mind active during the summer will lose an average of over 2 months’ learning from the previous school year. Cumulatively, over K-12th grade, this counts for three academic years lost!

Enriching summer learning opportunities are a must for all children. The Public Agenda survey in 2009 discovered that “87% of parents who did send their children to summer programs that included academic and enrichment activities agreed that the programs helped prepare their children for the school year.” Currently, only 9% of 48 million public school students attend summer school programs. TIME Magazine’s August 2010 issue made the case for prioritizing summer learning. Summer provides a unique opportunity to cultivate the curiosity, confidence and kindness kids need to become life long learners.

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds are particularly at risk to succumb to the effects of Summer Learning Loss. Researchers at John Hopkins University, have highlighted studies demonstrating that Summer Learning Loss accounts for 2/3 of the achievement gap nationally. What does this mean? If low-income children were given quality summer learning opportunities, they would be 2/3 more likely to pursue a college preparatory path in high school, to graduate, and to lead the way in our competitive global society. Without summer learning opportunities, these same children are more likely to drop out, to slip between the cracks, and to lose the curiosity that is innate to every child. One month at a quality summer camp can inspire a ripple effect of life-long learning for kids from all backgrounds.

Edventure More is a local year-round 501(c)(3) non-profit enrichment organization dedicated to inspiring curiosity, confidence and kindness in children. Through a partnership with top Bay Area museums and talented professionals, Edventure More creates high-quality summer camp (Camp Edmo and Camp EdTech) and school year programs where children build intellectual, social, emotional, and physical intelligence.

Edventure More is a local force in the national movement to prevent Summer Learning Loss, save hands-on learning in schools and build 21st Century Learning Skills in kids. 5% of all summer camp proceeds and 100% of donations support camper scholarships and subsidize the cost of their classroom science programs for schools.

Click here to visit Edventure More’s website.


Edventure More’s Camps: Camp Edmo and Camp EdTech


Camp Edmo Voted Best Bay Area Camp and Educational Support Program 2009-2013 by BayAreaParent! Get more out of camp this summer! Entering K-4th graders participate in Arts & Science, Animation, Nature and Recreation activities designed by Edventure More in partnership with the California Academy of Sciences & Children’s Creativity Museum. Summer 2014 themes include Incredible Edibles, Magic & Medieval Times, Critterville, Planet Power, and more. Thanks to our hands-on activities, college-graduate Camp Directors and “Vibe” program, campers build curiosity and 21st Century life skills!

Camp EdTech Voted Best Bay Area Technology Camp 2013 by BayAreaParent! Entering 5th – 8th graders create android- compatible apps, use hardware and software to control analog components like lights and buzzers, make, direct, edit & star in their own short films and animations, develop 2-D and 3-D video games or express their unique perspective of the world via digital photography. Optional Extended Day: Media Lab. Taught by industry pros and designed with the Children’s Creativity Museum.  At Camp EdTech, kids develop tech skills and life skills like creativity, awareness, collaboration, and leadership.

New 2014 locations in San Francisco, Marin, Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. Camp runs M-F 9AM-3PM, the weeks of June 9 – August 22. Dates vary by location. Extended day & lunch options. Early Bird, Loyalty, Multi-Week, Referral and Sibling Discounts.

Click here to visit Camp Edmo’s website or call 415.282.MORE (6673) for more details.

Click here to visit Camp EdTech’s website or call 415.282.MORE (6673) for more details.

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