Share Your Shortcut Contest – NEW Golden Grain Pot Sized Pasta

pot sizedThe latest Kitchen shortcut  – Golden Grain Pot Sized Pasta

At Golden Grain they are  a little obsessed with shortcuts. And when it comes to cooking – anything that makes things in the kitchen go faster, easier, better… Sign. me. Up. That’s why I  the idea  of the new Pot-Sized Pasta. All those little pieces of broken pasta on the stovetop? Gone, ‘cause Golden Grain has made their spaghetti half the length.

Why do I love this new little box? Because It goes straight into the pot without breaking. So not only does it save a step or two, it even comes in a cute box that fits better in my pantry. It’s little, and a perfect kitchen shortcut. Plus my kids love the taste and size of the new Golden Grain Pot-Size pasta.



Do you have a kitchen shortcut? Such as using scissors to cut up your kids food so much easier than using a knife. Or maybe you freeze herbs in ice cube trays to use for cooking.  Whatever your kitchen short cut is come share it on the  “Share Your Shortcut” contest going on at Facebook. The entry who receives the most votes on their shortcut through a user poll receives a $500 gift card at the end of the promotion! (conetest runs through March 21st)

Click here to  enter the  “Share Your Shortcut” Promotion on Facebook.

But wait, there’s more – if you don’t submit an idea, you can still win. Simply vote-up to once per day-on your favorite shortcut from the ones we’ve collected, and you are entered to win one of six weekly drawings for $100. Good luck!

Click here to VOTE on 24/7 MOMS Kitchen Short Cut – “Mess Free Bacon”.

Gig Harbor
Mess-free bacon – Use your oven to cook bacon. Place slices of bacon on a cookie sheet or jelly roll pan then place in oven at 375 degrees.cook for 10 -20 minutes to your liking. Be sure to keep an eye on it .



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