connectednessBy Steph Fink

Something amazing, really amazing…like, life-changing-amazing occurs when I sit down, or run alongside, or talk on the phone or belly laugh with a soul sister.

Connectedness brings laughter.

Recently a soul sister, Lu, and I drove to Maryland to attend a funeral of a dear girlfriend’s family member. As Lu and I talked and drove and laughed, she said, “Hang on for a second…I love this song!” She cranked up with music. We had a praise and worship session there in her Honda sedan.

Connectedness brings worship.

For weeks, I walked the trail with a pathetic gimp. This was the very same trail that I ran on before my foot surgery. I made it to a tree one day, then to the next street pass another day, to the baseball park some time later, to the tree that has a whooping case of elephantiasis. But this day was different. I walked the trail side-by-side with my friend, Laura. My foot twinged lightly, but didn’t hurt. I finally hit the point in my healing where I could walk the entire trail. When I touched the yellow bar at the end of the trail, I felt overwhelmed with accomplishment, as if I just finished the Olympics and beat Phelps time. Gold, baby. I felt golden.

Connectedness brings golden moments.

I went to Boot Camp this Saturday and sweat-ed with some new friends and some old friends, Linda and Lynn. We’ve logged some life miles together. We’ve shared life, been in Bible studies together, and give the mother of all hugs – the-boob-to-boob-post-work-out-sweat-hugs.  Their friendship, lives and desire to be stronger in all parts of their lives, inspires as I perspire.

Connectedness brings strength.

I shared with my mentor, Liz, some joys and struggles I’d been having in public speaking; specifically my fear of public speaking. She listened, gave wisdom, prayed and helped me reshape some practices where I’m been a total wimp-oid-weenie. Her friendship gave me courage to rise up and step into the next season of my life with courage. Courage I sorely lacked before talking with her.

Connectedness brings courage.

I listened and laughed and talked and laughed and shared and laughed and prayed and laughed with the woman I mentor, Colleen. She’s a joy and laughter maker. It drives her nutso-really-nutso when I tell her she’s mentoring me, more than the other way around. God’s been doing some very big things in her life and it’s been awesome to see a younger woman dig deep into her relationship with Christ. Watching her live her faith out loud has brought me so. much. joy.

Connectedness brings joy.

My friend, Kim, recently endured her third heartbreaking miscarriage. I can relate to her pain and heartbreak as some days, I grieve my three children that I’ve never held. What I’ve asked God specifically for in our connectedness is hope. I pray that I can share “hope” with her. The very same hope God poured out on me while I waited to hold a healthy baby in my arms.

Connectedness brings hope.

How would you finish this sentence, “Connectedness brings…”

Steph Fink is an inspirational speaker, writer and blogger with a passion to encourage women with practical principles for purposeful and powerful lives. Steph blogs at and gives daily encouragement on her Encouraged in Heart Facebook Page.


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