5 Ways to Help Your Children Choose a Spouse

coupleWhenever one of my children brings up the “M subject”  as in Marriage, I am always eager to have the opportunity to encourage them in this topic as to one day in Gods timing  they will get married , have a family and create a home of their own.  Along with that I try to plant seeds in their little heads about  the importance of choosing their spouse  and having a God centered marriage is.  Do you kids bring up the ” M  subject” ?

The next time your kids begin the  Who Will I Marry Talk  use  the  5 Ways to Help Your Children Choose a Spouse from iMom.

Click here to use the5 Ways to Help Your Children Choose a Spouse conversation helps/tips.


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  1. On the funny side…I asked my 10 yr old son to fill out a check for me this morning for $50 towards his school lunch acct. Afterwards he said, “Well I know now my wife will be in charge of writing the checks.”

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