Secret Cupids: A Valentine’s Day Family Tradition

secretStart a fun family tradition this Valentines day similar to Secret Pals or  Secret Sisters.  It’s called Secret Cupids and each family member gets to not only participate as a Cupid but they also join in the fun of having a secret cupid showering them with fun.

The idea is that each family member is a Secret cupid for one other family member and during the designated days they secretly do things for them, leave notes of encouragement and even little gifts.  So not only will they be doing the giving they will also be on the receiving end as their assigned cupid surprises them.

cupidWe found this idea over at Bombshell Bling where she offers free printables to go along with this tradition,  The printables include :

Secret Cupid Name Drawings
$1 SC Bucks
$5 SC Bucks
Secret Cupid Notes
Secret Cupid Notes BLANK

Click here for how to begin this fun Valentine tradition in your home along with the free printables.


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