Out of the Crib – Into the Real World of Parenting

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Breathe, mom, breathe! Do you  ever feel this way? You need to stop and take a HUGE and I mean HUGE breath as a mom.

I do and TODAY is one of those TAKE a huge breath days – I keep thinking isn’t this mommy journey supposed to get easier the older they get?

The older my 5 kids have become it only seems to have created a longer to do list, a messier house, deeper guilt, an emotional roller coaster of worry, fear, more worry and more fear of am I doing it right, are they gonna survive me or am I going to survive them?

The other day I told one of my  girlfriends that I was going to write a book called Out of the Crib – Into the Real World of Parenting (mommyhood).  This book would reveal to real moms like myself that the words we had heard and  counted on “it gets easier the older they get” was just a HOAX.  I’m thinking that these words were told to us so that we did not act upon our threats of running away, dropping our children off and never returning to pick them up, or calling the police and explaining how these children were left on your door step and you have no idea who they are but they keep calling you MOM – in hope that they will come take them away.

My Out of the Crib – Into the Real World of Parenting (mommyhood) book would reveal to us moms the truth about this mothering beyond the pre-school days when we were still in control. Today their lives seem to control my to do list, my schedule, my thinking time, my free time, my emotions, my clean now messy house, my meal planning, even what I read (raising kid books). Who is in control now?

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Don’t get me wrong I love being a mom or I wouldn’t have chosen the mom career path. I just think it is time to be real and let the truth be known – That each and every season of raising our children has its own set of challenges and blessings.

Sure there may be easy days and even days we feel back in control. But I promise you will have days you think this is NOT easier then when they were little pre-schoolers.

Yes,  I get to sleep all night – if my teenagers have all arrived home safely that is, Yes, I no longer have to carry a diaper bag I now get to carry backpacks, swim bags and football equipment bags and make sure they are fully packed with enough items to last a week not just an outing to the mall. Yes,  I no longer have to be the milk wagon to a starving baby I get to pack lunches, bring snack to hungry athletes,  plan dinner around various kids schedules. Yes,  I no longer have to push a stroller around town I now have teenagers driving me around town while I  hold my breath. Yes,  I have more time in my day without kids at home but I now get phone calls and emails  from multiple schools and organizations asking for help, kids needing forgotten items, and the list goes on and on.Seriously I’m not whining here about my career or life I just think someone should tell the truth about those words “it gets easier the older they get” – those words need to be changed to ” Each and every season of raising our children has its own set of challenges and blessings”.   Then our expectations of the easier life won’t be a let down instead we will be armed and ready for the next set of challenges.So, moms take a huge breath, put on your seat belt and get ready for the the most amazing roller coaster you will ever ride Mommyhood  –  you will laugh, scream and even loose your stomach once in a while – just Breathe and enjoy the ride there truly are great blessing today and everyday being a mom.

What challenges have you faced as a mom that you were not expecting? What blessings have you had being a mom?

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