Is the Family Growing Bored of Your Recipes? Once A Month Meals

gfdf-chicken-broccoli-chowderThe whole family knows that I have a handful of recipes I cycle through, lasting me – maybe at the most – a week and a half. I’m not a very ambitious cook. In fact, I have almost no ambition as a cook because I eat very simply. However, the other six people invested in our dinner have a diversity of taste-buds, salivating for new adventure that I just don’t have the natural capacity to satiate. Unlike some mothers, I don’t give myself the opportunity to muse about a great new recipe or about what it means to feed my husband who’s now eating “paleo” or to remember to hold the meat from the dish for my child who’s eating vegetarian. for a week. The bottom line is that I’m just not that invested in food and so I constantly struggle to keep on top of – not only feeding my family enough, but – feeding my family food they love. Through out the years I’ve tried a number of different methods for shaking up our dinner recipes, but after looking over Once A Month Meals it’s obvious they’ve put in the time to consider the complexity of feeding a family while also trying out new and diverse recipes. Eating Paleo? How about a Sausage Kale Soup? Dairy and Gluten-free? How about a Cashew Chicken Stirfry? Vegetarian? Want a Philly Cheese Potato Pizza?

Once A Month Meals provides it all, besides the food. All their recipes are made to freeze so that you can cook the meals when you have the time and you can serve them easily. Their menu’s (each packed full of recipes designed to taste) cater to many different diets (including paleo, vegetarian and even gluten-free, which is essential for us) and they provide custom resources for each menu, including grocery lists, prep instructions, step by step cooking day instructions and recipe cards and labels. See what I mean? They provide yholiday-gift-guide-2013-adou with everything besides the food, which is exactly what I’ve always needed.

You can get all of the above with their incredibly affordable Basic membership and for a little more you can get Pro membership that gives you more control, allowing you to customize your menu’s according to different needs, such as buying a lot of chicken that was on sale so now you need to cook chicken for the next week (we all know this happens!). The nice thing is that you can become a Basic member first to begin using it and find out if you’d like to upgrade to Pro. Below is a video where they explain exactly what membership means.


Click here to sign-up today for your own Once A Month Meals Membership.

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