DIY Family Chalkboard Wall Calendar

wall 1Whether it’s a  new year or back to school, life of a family can quickly go into chaos when we all don’t know what we are doing, where we are going  or what the daily schedule is.  AS the mom of 5 kids I discovered early on that if I posted  a family calendar easily accessed and seen by all our family ran smooth, we knew who had to be wear each day, when the next dentist or doctor appointments were and my children could also look ahead in their planning what to prepare for the night before.  Such as if they had baseball practice they could gather tie baseball equipment and have it ready by the door for practice.  We ended the scrambling looking for items last minute, the mission of appointments and practices. It took our home from chaos to peace with one simple tool, a family calendar.

The first step is to choose a calendar for your family You can use various types from  a store bought calendar, white board or get creative with this idea from Our Fifth House.  Creating a  Family Chalkboard Wall Calendar. With this oversized family calendar it will be hard for anyone to miss what they are to do or where they are to be.

Click here for step by step how to create your own DIY Family Chalkboard Wall Calendar from Our Fifth House.




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