Powerful Parental Controls and Network Security that TRULY Protect Children While on the Web – Even While on the Go!

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The Internet… it’s a big concern for parents worried about protecting their children from cyberbullying, inappropriate content, malware, or just too much time spent playing video games online or on social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, etc.

Enter Secucloud, an international provider of cloud-based IT-Security, who has created SecuGate+, an elegantly designed wireless router that blends seamlessly into the home environment. But, wait… it’s not the router that makes this system the perfect “safety measure” for protecting children while on the Net… it’s everything that takes place behind the scenes!

SecuGate+ channels the Internet connection of all connected devices (computers, Smart TVs, videogame consoles, tablets and smartphones) over a secure VPN tunnel to the company’s cloud-based servers. There, a high-end security system (security technology is provided by CheckPoint – the same technology that is used in 90% of Fortune 500 Companies) will ensure that Trojans, spyware, viruses and other malware are filtered out reliably.

And, by using the SecuGate+ Cloud-Powered Dashboard (using a Web browser), parents can easily monitor and control Internet usage, create separate secure zones for family or guests, and configure the privacy and security settings for the network. In the dashboard, users will also find easy-to-configure parental controls, which allow parents to block access and/or set time limits on social media sites and playing video games online.

Mobile Protection On-The-Go
Via the SecuGate+ mobile App (compatible with any device and operating system), users also receive comprehensive on-the-go mobile security for smartphones, tablets and laptops while on public Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks. This means SecuGate+ can also protect a child’s privacy and reputation while on their mobile devices to ensure they can play and learn in safety even when not on the home network.

SecuGate+ also has no additional costs for software, updates or maintenance fees, so it delivers enterprise-like IT security to users at a fraction of the cost!

Secucloud is currently running a Kickstarter Campaign that will give backers the opportunity to be the first to get their hands on this powerful new device – and at over ½ the price! We hope you’ll check it out.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with Secucloud.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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