6 Memory Making Christmas Eve Traditions

twasNight Before Christmas Exchange

With the use of $1 store gifts and the story Twas the Night Before Christmas’

The  ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ present exchange.  Buy $1 or less gifts and have  all of the kids sit in a circle holding one of the wrapped gifts-  She  read “The Night Before Christmas”  and  every time you read the word “the” tell the children to  pass the present to the right. Whichever gift they have at the end of the story they get to open and keep

Options:  You can use any book you choose.

Adults could also enjoy this game with a White Elephant gift exchange.

Idea adapted from Happy Home fairy




Movie Time

Make it a tradition to watch either teh same movie each yer befor etucing the kids into bed or choose a new one each year.  Don;t forget the pop corn







PJ Time

Each year make it a tradition that before the kids go to bed they get to open one gift.  This gift is a pair of new PJ’s ready to wear to bed that night.

You could even red the story The Pajama Elves: “The Pajama Elves” is a delightful, creatively presented holiday tale that shares a family tradition of giving children magic pajamas secretly tailored by Santa’s sewing elves, so they can sleep snug in their beds on Christmas Eve.


jesusHappy Birthday Jesus Party

Host a party celebrating Jesus with a birthday cake or cupcakes.  Be sure to read the Christmas story.

Click here for free Happy Birthday party printables from Every Day Cheer





santa tree


Prepare for Santa

Don’t forget all the traditions of leaving cookies for Santa, placing the Santa key on your front door if you don’t have a chimney and be sure to leave reindeer food so Santa can feed his reindeer.








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