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No one ever asks me for a recipe because cooking and baking just aren’t my thangs.  And even though I’m fully aware of my culinary deficiency, I still made two pies for you today!

I chronically hear women say, “I’m so busy, I’m so busy, I’m so busy, I’m soooooooooooooooooo busy.”  There’s a reason why they say it. Cause pie-1-300x277their life pie looks like the pie on the right.  It’s way too divided.  It’s so divided up, that no one gets more than a smear of a taste.

I’m going all-caps-ghetto-up-in-here, cause I love you!   STOP DIVIDING YOURSELF UP TOO THIN!  Too many slices mean there’s barely a taste of you left = BURNOUT. Your taste/impact is decreased where there’s just a tiny sliver of you.

A visual God recently gave me as I prepared for a leaders workshop is that when you say, “Yes” your pie doesn’t get bigger, just another slice gets thinner (pie chart on right).  When you say, “Yes” you’re taking away from a former “yes”.

pie2-300x281We all have more than one role in life.  And to keep my life pie chart looking like the one on the left, I pray about how to fatten some of the slices up. It’s humbling. People don’t ask me for food recipes, but people have asked me for some life recipes.  Here’s three life pie recipes that help me cook up a powerful life! I want you to share your life recipes too.  Hello, best. recipe. swap. ever! No cellulite made in these recipes baby!

1. TMI Pie

We live in a culture of TMI.  Not just with the Kardashian family and Facebook posts.  We just take in too much information and it takes up a lot of time! I regularly clean up my email inbox because reading emails takes away too much time. Most of us are full of it (information) anyway. It’s time to life it!  I continually unsubscribe from blogs, newsletters and groups to open up more time. Let go of the good, to have the great!  If you need to unsubscribe from my blog, I will miss you so much, but my friend, I get it. And, I love you. Don’t forget that!

2. Passion Pie

This was the first year in the longest I wasn’t at my kids end of the school year class party.  Instead, I was home loading blog posts and editing work to prepare for the summer months because my kids are home with me.  My presence at the school parties would have divided me too thin that month.  I loves me a good par-tay but I’m a better mom to my kids (and wife to the Finkster) because I choose to also live out my purpose and passion.  When they got of the bus that day I received them home without a divided heart.  If I had gone to their parties this year, I know me, and I would have received them with a divided heart. Begrudged them for the choices I made.  I made the right choice for me this year. Next year might look different.

3. People Pie

I remember a time in my ministry life when I was honored to be the first woman in over 25 years elected to our church board.  Didn’t learn that nugget until after I was elected.  Truly, a total honor. I was re-elected the following year.  The third year I didn’t run to be a board of director because God redirected me to fatten up my slice.  God wanted me to be more with people in the world and less at church meetings.

Do you want a powerful life?  No, do you REALLY, want a powerful life? Of course you do. I’ve never heard someone say a want a weenie-powerless-life.  So you and I, we need to say, “NO”. We need to defend and protect our life pie and stop giving itsy-bitsy slivers. We need to make some changes.



Steph Fink is an inspirational speaker, writer and blogger with a passion to encourage women with practical principles for purposeful and powerful lives. Steph blogs at and gives daily encouragement on her Encouraged in Heart Facebook Page.

Do you feel sliced too thin? Share a life pie recipe that tastes great!

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  1. I get you, Steph!! I am sliced thin right now and I’m trying to fatten up my pie! I just love how you write and it seems like every blog post is just for me at the right moment. You are truly a great mentor for me. I know that when my life is more in balance that I will be able to be more effective. A few different things I am trying: take time off from leading a Bible study, spend my first moments of the day with the Lord, exercise right after that, stay home more, spend more time cuddling with the kids, hug and kiss my husband at every opportunity, spend quality time with a few girlfriends, PRAY a lot, slow down and enjoy the funny moments of life. It sure is a process, but I’m doing it and feeling much better.

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