MOM Tip: Clean Stainless Steel Appliances the Natural Way

stainless-steel-applliances-kitchenMOM Tip: I’m so tired of cleaning my stainless steel. I had no idea it was so high maintenance. Especially with 4 little boys hands! I did some research and found this article from Daily Organized Chaos. She tried out two natural ways for cleaning stainless steel and here are her results.


Put few drops of olive oil onto soft cotton cloth and in circular motions rub all over stainless steel appliances.

Then pour pure white vinegar onto another soft cotton cloth and polish with the grain until stainless steel appliances are shiny.


In a small bowl make a paste from baking soda and lemon juice. Using soft cloth rub it all over stainless steel appliances. Wipe it off with clean and dry soft cloth.

Polish with vinegar as in previous way.

Both of these ways to clean stainless steel were natural and green….both of them worked very well….however….the #2 method worked better for removing older water stains.

After all my stainless steel appliances were clean and shiny I took it one step further and I decided to give them additional sparkle with little bit of Mineral Oil on a soft cloth.

I checked my fridge this morning and I think the little layer of mineral oil is keeping finger prints away…..for now.

This tip from Daily Organized Chaos.

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