Protect Your Kids with YouTube Safety Mode

safetyIf you have kids who are YouTube fans always searching for how to do the latest yo yo trick or learn to play the piano?- (yes, those are my youngest latest YouTube searches). If you said Yes to this question then you will want to know about YouTubes Safety Mode to help protect and prevent your children from discovering inappropriate content.

Remember YouTube safety mode helps filter out inappropriate content.  It is reliant on user flagging, age restrictions, and other signals to screen out objectionable content, meaning it is not  100 percent accurate.
Click here for how to enable the safety mode onto your account .   It is simple to do and requires you to  enable each account separately  on each YouTube account  You can also lock the safety mode option on your accounts so it permanently keeps the safety mode on.  Be sure to log out of your account or others can change the settings and remove the safety mode. Also if you use different browsers, you will also need  to go in and enable safety mode in each browser.

Did you also know you can check the video viewing history and see what your kids have been viewing? click on “Watch History” in the left toolbar under the YouTube account name and now you can view the history,


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