Wear What Fits You Today

fits-300x276I recently walked into my closet and scanned for a shirt to wear. It’s way lame to admit that I regularly think, “I have nothing to wear” cause I just typed that I walked into my closet. My closet is way bigger than what I need. I’m blessed to have a closet full of nothing-to-wear clothes. I pulled a cute black and white shirt off the hanger. I love this shirt so it killed me when I realized it no longer fit me. This could be from too many washings or the fact that I’ve gained some weigh, but the fact remains it doesn’t fit me any more.

So, I took it off the hanger, folded it and put it in the Salvation Army donation box in our garage.

I don’t need this shirt because it no longer fits, so I figure I’d pass it along for someone else, other than me, to cherish. I considered hanging on to it with the hopes of losing weight, but every time I look at that cute black and white shirt, it would remind me what I am not as opposed to what I am so I decided it was time to let it go. I can look at pictures and smile as I remember when that shirt and I fit together, but we’re no longer together.

Relationships are so similar. Every single relationship I’ve ever had, the good and the less than good ones, has taught me something about the character of God.

One of the most difficult things God’s ever asked me to do is let go of some relationships, because they don’t fit anymore, to allow someone else other than me to cherish their heart. I can still love them from a distance.

I recently walked past one of these relationships while out running errands. I still love this woman so much but I don’t want her in my life because we no longer fit. You can still love someone or something very much and pass them along to allow someone else to cherish them in a way that fits everyone best. My friend Pam said, “The best part is that when you let go of things that don’t fit… you make room for new clothes/friends that do fit!”

Jesus walked past people to pursue God’s best. I need to too.

To get to the next stage of life, you and I, we need to let go of the people and things that no longer fit us. If we don’t than the weight of yesterday prevents us from soaring today and tomorrow.

I believe it’s God’s best to wear and keep what fits. I know, I know… it gets kind of cloudy sometimes so that’s when I ask the Holy Spirit for help.

Change isn’t bad, it’s a sign of growth. Don’t resist change, lean into it and watch God work. That specific relationship taught me so many things about the character of God. I sometimes need to love close up and at other times love from a distance. We all grow at different paces. So, sometimes I need let go of a few favorites to wear ones that fit me today.



Steph Fink is an inspirational speaker, writer and blogger with a passion to encourage women with practical principles for purposeful and powerful lives. Steph blogs at encouragedinheart.org and gives daily encouragement on her Encouraged in Heart Facebook Page.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Encouraged-in-Heart-Stephanie-Fink/109784452427205

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