Two Ways to Re-connect at Dinner Time

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Busy days, crazy afternoons, everyone going a different direction it is no wonder the dinner hour is about to be extinct in many homes.   Stop the dinner time extinction by creating a  making  meaningful dinner times  in your home with what we like to call  here at 24/7 MOMS “Table Talk”.   Create conversation with questions and riddles that encourage everyone at the dinner table to re-connect after a busy day.

Two ways to re-connect at dinner:

  • #1 – Table Talk  –

Each day here at 24/7 MOMS we post a daily Table Talk question along with a fun riddle to help you create these dinner time connections.

Here is one example of our daily posts:  Click here for more Table Talk questions and riddles

Tonight’s Table Talk:

Q: What would you do if were a king or queen?


Q: Why was the coach mad?

A: Because he wanted his quarterback.



#2 Create a Question Jar

Downloads and Print off the FREE questions over at How Does She then creatae an empty jar in to your Dinner Time question jar.  Each night pull out a question form thr jar and let the conversation begin

Click here for Free Family Dinner questions from How Does She.


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