The Turkey Trap Legend – Thanksgiving Fun

legendRumor has it if we leave corn out on Thanksgiving Eve we will find candy come sunrise.   Well maybe with a little help from the mom helper there will be a surprise this Thanksgiving with this new idea we discovered of  sharing a Thanksgiving legend with our children and then creating a Turkey trap

It only takes a few minutes but will create fun Thanksgiving memory year after year

Follow these simple steps:

Step #1 – Click here to  print the Turkey Legend poem to read to your children prior to creating your Turkey traps.

Step #2 – Gather your supplies :  Cardboard box (large enough to catch a turkey) , one stick to prop up box, corn ( popcorn, candy corn, canned corn) any kind will do and Feathers.

Step #3 – Set up your trap and place the corn inside near the stick so as soon as the Turkey goes in the box to get the corn, the box will fall and trap him in …as the legend goes.poem

Step #4 – While your children are sleeping. Create it to appear as if the Turkey arrived and stole the corn leaving behind a treat of sweets. Be sure to now place a few feathers around the knocked over box and a poem from the turkey .  Click her to print out Turkey poems.

Step # 5 – Chocolate covered raisins work perfect with the poop poem or any treat goes well with the escaped poem.

Click here for free Turkey Legend poems to begin your own Thanksgiving tradition from Craft Saying.

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