The Thankful Pumpkin

pumpkin3Thanksgiving is on its way, the day we dedicate each year to place focus on and give thanks for all the blessings in our lives.  During the month of November being thankful becomes the theme in many of our homes and many new traditions have been created to assist us in teaching our children about being thankful.

Hands on activities with children tend to me more meaningful then just sitting around a table discussing the lesson or topic.  This year when you begin talking about Being Thankful wit your children why not add in a fun activity “The Thankful Pumpkin” .

This thankful activity  can either be done  daily or at one time, you can use it as an activity all month or as a family project on Thanksgiving day.

It is very simple and all you need is a permanent marker and a semi large pumpkin.  The idea is to write on the pumpkin all the things you and your family members are thankful for. We found this fun idea over at One Artsy Mama.  Click here for her full how to create your own Thankful Pumpkins.

This can also serve as your kitchen table  centerpiece during the month of November.






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