The Seattle’s Best Coffee Test (Participant: My Son) #GREATTASTE

seattles_best_cupSeattle’s Best Coffee® has sponsored me to serve my son coffee..yes..and my son, a total coffee-lover, is more than happy. As part of the Seattle’s Best Coffee® #GreatTaste Sweepstakes, I decided to have a little fun with my son’s coffee-drinking expertise and see if Seattle’s Best Coffee #GreatTaste guarantee was, well… guaranteed! Apparently, Seattle’s Best has a money-back guarantee as well as a $2-off coupon right now, so it’s a perfect time to – like me – try your own #GreatTaste test!

So a few mornings ago, while my son was home visiting us, I switched out his regular coffee with Seattle’s Best and waited…and waited…while it brewed…and I grew anxious…and then it had to cool…and I tried to cool…and then he sipped…and then he looked inquiringly into his cup and stood up.

He walked over to the glass-jar where we keep the ground-up coffee and inspected. He looked at it, he opened the jar and smelt it…he even pulled out a little pinch to feel it, I think. Which is when I just had to ask:

(dialogue dramatized from memory for your entertainment)

“How was it?”

“The coffee?” He asked…duh.


“I knew it!” He said, “I knew it tasted different.”

“Well how’d it taste?” I asked.

“Umm…Great! How do they say…full-bodied? Full-bodied and rich. Kind of nutty-flavored. Not a lick of burnt…maybe a little carmel-ly. I guess I could so far as to say it tasted like I’ll be having a good morning.”

And then I asked the ultimate Seattle’s Best Coffee test question: “So, would you want your money back?”

“What? Why would I do that? No, I’m really glad you got me this…I’m going to drink it. Thanks for the coffee, Mom. What kind of coffee is it?”

Well, we all know what it was. And I think it passed my coffee-loving son’s test! So here I am sharing the good news with you guys: if you describe why you love the taste of Seattle’s Best on Twitter (@Seattlesbest) or Instagram (@SeattlesBestCoffee) with the hashtage #GreatTaste then you could win a T-Shirt…something coffee-fanatics would love to sport. And even more, you can look for Seattle’s Best nearby you and try out one of their many different blends to customize your morning taste.

What more can I add? As a mom of a husband and a son who both require at least a few cups of coffee to start the day, I’ve had to come to accept that #GreatTaste is important, whether I like it or not…it does make a difference for those I love.






This blog post is part of a paid SocialMoms and Seattle’s Best Coffee blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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