“Praying For Your Addicted Loved One- 90 in 90”

praying addictAuthor Sharron K. Cosby

Having dealt with an addicted loved one year ago, I can empathize with the author.  I did not have Sharron K. Cosby’s book at the time, but I was drawn to read this book for the experience that is, having an addicted loved one in my family.   The author speaks in a transparent way, encouraging those who are experiencing loving someone who is an addict. Those who read this book will be better equipped and supported as they pray through the journey.  As your loved one enters recovery and seeks change, readers will feel as though they have someone who has been there and can show them the way to seek God’s comfort in the battle.  Restoration and redemption are possible in part to the authors knowledge and share of experience.  In 90 days of reading and responding to this book, you are better able to be of help, not hindrance to the “one day at a time” where permanent change is made possible.  I had never dealt with addiction before when faced with loving someone in this battle, and without this book at this time, was poorer for it.  My loved one has maintained sobriety, and by reading this book I appreciate the strength and wisdom presented for staying the healthier course.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

 About the book: Watching someone you love self-destruct hurts.

Praying for Your AddictedLoved One: 90 in 90 tugs at the reader’s heart in 90 days of candid devotions aimed at offering strength, hope, and encouragement to families in the throes of living with an addicted family member. Families get left behind in the recovery process, but their support is crucial. Realizing you are not alone in your family’s struggles brings comfort and confidence to face day-by-day challenges. Reflection prompts and spaces for journaling encourage the reader to pen their thoughts on the verses and devotions. Each day’s entry ends with a prayer.

The Cosbys, a middle-class family, lived the nightmare ofaddiction with their son for 18 years. Their lives were turned inside out and upside down as his dependence on painkillers escalated. The descent into a living hell challenged their faith as the addiction claimed more and more control. Sharron’s middle-of-the-night reading of Jeremiah 30 and 31 changed the course of their lives and restoration became a reality.

The overall message of Praying for Your Addicted Loved Oneconveys hope to families caught in the addiction cycle. The various stages of the disease: abuse, recovery, and relapse, take their toll. Hopelessness grabs a family’s heart and wrings it out with each slip of clean or sober time. The verses in Jeremiah 30 and 31, the foundation of the book, offer the promise of restoration and redemption.

90 in 90 reflects the 12 Step model of an addict attending 90 meetings in 90 days. While your loved one attends meetings, you will read a daily devotional to lend spiritual support to your addict.

“Today I pray for other lost addicts to find the hope of recovery. I pray the families reading this book will continue to have hope that an addict—any addict—can stop using drugs and find a new way to live. If there is one thing I can say to family members it is, never quit fighting. There is always hope. With hope, I—a once hopeless dope addict—am now a dope-less hope addict.” ~Josh Cosby

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About the author: Sharron Cosby is married to Dan, a CertifiedAddiction Professional, and together they have three adult children and five grandchildren. She works for an international charity by day and writes by night. Her passion is to share God’s message of hope, strength, and encouragement with families living in the shadow of addiction.

Learn more about Sharron here:http://efamilyrecovery.com/

Review By Amy Hannold

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