Outdoor Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt {Free Printable}

As a child I loved scavenger hunts especially outdoor ones where we would hunt and hunt checking off our list to see who could collect each of the needed items the fastest.  Outdoor scavenger hunts give our kid the opportunity to explore and discover with  a little competition. Now with this fun outdoor bible verse scavenger hunt your kids can also get into Gods word and discover the outdoors.

With easy instructions asking  your kids to open their Bibles to find each verse which will provide the clue as to the item they need to hunt for on the list you kids will enjoy discovering the answer and hunting for the item.
outdoor-bible-verse-scavenger-huntThis scavenger hunt can either be done the traditional way of collecting or observing each item on the list or you could do a photo hunt having the kids take pictures of each item showing proof they found the item.  For non-readers either assign an older child that can read to them or use adult help.
Here are a few examples on the list that can be printed out below
1.Whether a boulder or piece of gravel: I Samuel 2:2
2. Where the knowledge of good and evil resided in the Garden of Eden: Gen. 2:9
3. The element of discussion between Jesus and the woman at the well: John 4:10
Click here to get your free download and printable of the Bible verse scavenger hunt from Rachel Wojnaroski






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