Heavenly Caramel Dipping Sauce – Homemade Caramel

caramelI still remember 20 years ago when I first discovered the idea of dipping my apples into caramel sauce.  It all started as I was grocery shopping and saw a new to me product sitting in the fresh produce – yes, it was caramel dip for fruit.  I knew I had to try it so into the basket it went and 20 years later it is still  finding it’s way into my shopping basket.

The store bought caramel sauce is convienient and yummy but as well all know there is nothing better then homemade fro our own kitchen – and now with this  amazingly easy caramel dipping sauce recipe from How Does She we can  all enjoy the sweet homemade taste of dipping our crisp apples into a fresh and gooey caramel sauce.

Click here for the step by step recipe


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