Birthday Traditions to celebrate your Child’s special day

Three of my five children have birthdays over the next three months – October, November and December. Can you tell the mother with the organization obsession was not very organized when it came to planning out her children? Seriously – 3 birthdays in a row along with Thanksgiving and Christmas!

However, even with the chaos of birthdays, holidays and the various others fall events in our family, I still enjoy celebrating each child’s birthday with special traditions. If you are like me and always looking for new ideas, then you might find my list of birthday tradition ideas helpful along your mom journey.

It is true, I have often been referred to as a tradition junkie. And NO, I do not do each and every one of the ideas on the list. So, do not stress out for me or you.

Enjoy celebrating your child’s special day!

Birthdays are an opportunity for us to celebrate our children and show them that they are special and valued.
Choose any of these Birthday Celebration/Tradition Ideas to celebrate your child’s special day:
· Write on bathroom mirror with lipstick: “Happy Birthday”.
· Serve a family morning breakfast: Child wakes up to decorated table with a theme (use leftovers from past parties). Be sure to have a small gift at their seat.
· Serve breakfast to them in bed.
· Make them King or Queen for the day – even use a pretend crown.
· Surprise your child with a new birthday outfit to wear.
· Decorate their bedroom so they wake up to it or comes home to it after school.
· Each year give the birthday child a special place setting at their birthday meal. (new plastic plate and cup)
· Give them special gifts all day long:
o Next to their bed when they wake-up
o At their breakfast table
o In their lunch
o On their school desk
o At the dinner table
· Have Dad send flowers, candy, cards, etc. to school for them.
· Have the dinner table decorated, special table cloth, etc.
· Allow your child to choose their favorite meal or place to go out to eat.
· Decorate your child’s classroom door with poster decorated with pictures of the birthday child.
· Decorate their school desk.
· Make a time capsule.
· Make a birthday video tape each year of the child. Keep adding to it year after year.
· Write a letter or card each year to your child.
· Hang a special birthday flag outside your house.
· Mark child’s height each birthday on a growth stick.
· Host a family party.
· Host a friends party.
· Have the birthday guests sign something – sheets, piggy bank, frames, pillow case, etc.
· For the December birthday child, celebrate with family on the December date, then with friends in January. Every child likes their birthday to last for a month.
· Celebrate ½ birthdays – 5½ or 10½ with ½ a cake, ½ a glass of milk, ½ a toy & they earn the other half.
· Celebrate with an adopted birthday party on their adoption date.
· Send a birthday-in-a-box if your child is away from home on their birthday.
· Have professional portraits taken each year.
· Tablecloth signed and hand printed by birthday child each year.
· Give your child helium balloons for the number of years old they are, and let them go outside and release them into the air.
· Hand prints on paper.
· Take your child shopping to pick out their birthday party supplies.
· Sit down and plan their party with them, get their ideas.
· Send birthday cards:
o 1 month before their birthday
o 1 week before their birthday
o Every day the entire week of their birthday
How do you Celebrtae your Child/Children’s Birthdays? Leave a comment and share your ideas with the 24/7 MOMS

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