Anonymous Christmas Jar Tradition

jar1Empty your pockets, coin purses and piggy banks into a Jar this Christmas and start the Anonymous Christmas Jar Tradition in your home.  The idea is to then take your filled jar and do  random act of kindness by giving the now filled  money jar anonymously to someone who is in need.  What a fun way for you family to bless others in need during the Holiday season.

It’s no to late to start this tradition,begin filling a jar and bless someone this Christmas. Then continue on saving your change in a new jar  for next Christmas Anonymous Christmas Jar Tradition.

This idea comes from the book Christmas Jars. The Christmas Jar tradition started in 2005 by author Jason F. Wright with his family. He went on to publish his family’s idea in the book Christmas Jars which became a New York Times Best Selling Book.  He then went on to write Penny’s Christmas Miracle Jar as a version for kids.

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