20 Old-Fashioned Recipes for Chocolate Candy, Fudge, & More {Free e-Book}

cand bookDo you remember your parents giving you a handful of change while you headed off to the candy shop to get some of your favorite treats? Now, you can relive those memories with the latest free eCookbook from the Mr. Food Test Kitchen, entitled Homemade Candy Recipes: 20 Old-Fashioned Recipes for Chocolate Candy, Fudge, & More. You may think those candy makers have special tricks up their sleeves, but once you check out these easy candy recipes, you’ll be makin’ ’em at home in no time!

Kids dream about opening up their own candy store, the shelves filled from floor to ceiling with all of their favorite sweets and treats. Make those dreams come alive once again with these homemade candy recipes that taste even better than anything you might find in stores. Whether you’re looking to make a homemade food gift for the holidays, putting out some bite-sized treats for guests, or simply craving a chocolate recipe to pull out during a late night snack attack, these simple recipes for candy will surely will turn you into a wide-eyed kid again, trying to decide which one to go for first. We’ve got a wide variety of recipes too, so all of your cravings are covered. From peanut butter candies to caramel sweets to peppermint candy and more, we don’t leave a stone unturned. You’re sure to become the star of your local bake sale or holiday party when you try one of our easy candy recipes. Plus, the Mr. Food Test Kitchen’s triple-tested guarantee ensures that your candy is going to come out tasting delicious the very first time you make it. So… what are you waiting

Click here to download yoru FREE  20 Old-Fashioned Recipes for Chocolate Candy, Fudge, & More e-Book.

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