12 Fun Ways to Practice Spelling

Whether your kids attend school inside or outside of the home there seems to always be this weekly list of words our kids  need to study, memorize and take a test to see if they know how to spell them . However, most children dread the idea of practicing their spelling words let alone facing that weekly test.  Fear no more 24/7 MOMS has gathered together 12 ideas to create fun while practicing those weekly spelling lists.

1. Spelling Tic -Tac-Toe

Use these free printable tic -tac-toe boards to inspire your kids to study their weekly spelling words.  You can download both the boards and the recording sheets from Tales of a Teacherista

spelling tic

Click here for free printable from Tales of a Teacherista

2. Fifty ways to practice Spelling words

A free printable  list of ideas on ways to practice spelling words


Click here for free printable from Teachers pay Teachers

you do have to sign-up for a FREE membership

3.  Forwards and Backwards:

Have your kids write out each spelling words forwards and the write it out backwards.

4.  Air Writing

Have your kids spell out each word in the air using their finger or a pencil.  See if you or another family member can guess the word

5. Crayon Bits

Finally a way to use all those broken crayons.  Have your kids use use your broken crayons to make letters on a hard surface  and spell each word on their list.


Idea from Mom to Posh little Divas

6. Playdoh Spelling 

Have your child spell their words with playdoh.


Idea from My Joy Filled Life

Click here for more spelling ideas

7.  Roll and Spell

Roll and Spell: The students have a list of their words and roll the dice. Which ever number they roll tells them what “voice” to spell the word in. This is a fun way for them to practice the spelling of words. This is great for a center.


Idea from Pinterest

8. Colored Glue 

Have your child spell their words with colored glue.  To make the colored glue, simply pour the glue in a plastic cup, color with food color, and pour back into the glue bottle.  If you don’t feel like making colored glue, have them use white glue and then add glitter, or use puffy paint.


Idea from My Joy Filled Life

Click here for more spelling ideas

9. Shaving Cream 

This is another fun sensory experience. Make a thin layer of shaving cream on a tray and use a paintbrush or better yet a fingertip to spell out the words. Have some napkins on hand.


Idea from Mom to Posh little Divas

11. Letter Tiles

Give your kids a bucket of letter tiles to dig in and find the write letters to spell out each word on their weekly list

letter tiles


12. Magnetic Board and Magnets

Use magnetic letters with on your refrigerator

 or on a magnetic board allowing your kids to spell tier weekly words.  An auto oil drip pan works great for this and fun to hang on the wall.


Idea from Class Room Diy


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