Tick Free Fall With Petarmor #TickFreeFall

petarmor1Just about every summer our cute-as-can-be, little cocker spaniel seems to get herself into many messy situations. Whether it be due to taking her on a long weekend camping trip or her devious solo-escapade across town, it’s always a bummer to have to tell the kids not to play with the dog because she’s all muddy or wet or – even worse! – covered in fleas. Most dog-owners can admit to having this problem more than once in their doggy-lifetime and it’s never fun. It could mean having to tediously clean the carpet, couch, doggy-bed and more. But worse of all is the anxiety that follows…”what’s that itch on my scalp? Could it be fleas???” Or the sad looks on your kids faces when you inform them that their friends won’t be able to come inside and play today. And worse of all: the long prison-sentence your dog must serve to properly quarantine the problem!
That’s all to say that this summer we joined together in a sponsored campaign with Mom It Forward and Petarmor  to try out a new pet-product to help petarmorprotect the dog from spoiling all the summer fun: Petarmor. While fleas seem to be the most common problem, Petarmor can also protect your family pet from ticks. And if you didn’t already know, both fleas and ticks can carry diseases deadly to humans, such as Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Petarmor kills all four major types of ticks, containing the No.1 vet-recommended active ingredient Fipronil, which is used in most top brands. And best of all, Petarmor is CHEAP! Much cheaper than most other brands of the same effectiveness. So far this summer, our pup has been flea and tick free!

And one last note, don’t think that just because summer’s over the problem’s over. In fact, some species of ticks are most active during the transition from summer to fall, often finding their way into your pets fur without beginning to feed until the season begins to change. So don’t be fooled..be safe and take care of your furry ones!

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For more information about products that can protect your pet from fleas and ticks this fall visit petarmor.com. Additional background information about ticks can be found at TickEncounter.org.

Disclaimer: I am part of the Mom It Forward blogger network. Mom It Forward and Petarmor partnered in support of this campaign. Petarmor compensated me for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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