Optimize It: Setting Up The Laundry Area For Maximum Efficiency

1aWash day is a hassle that few of us relish. The key to making it as little of a chore as possible is to optimize the design of your laundry room such that it is the most organized that it can be. A laundry area of a home is designed for work, so it needs to be both durable and reliable  in its design. If your home does not have a dedicated wash room then this is even more essential, given that the laundry area, including your washer dryer, will often have to find a place in the kitchen. Either way, you need to ensure that every square inch of the area is coordinated and designed for efficient working.

A well designed space will avoid clutter and maximize storage space. With limited space, a simple shelving unit can help you separate clothes out, for example. A built in working surface over your washer dryer makes for a convenient sorting surface which you can use for organizing laundry on wash day, but still be used for food preparation at another time. This not only provides a handy work surface but helps to coordinate the look of the laundry area with the rest of the room. In a smaller laundry rooms or utility rooms, make sure you make the most of natural lighting. If you have no windows to work with, ensure that the space is well lit with freely adjustable task lighting, so you can see what you are doing easily

Nowadays, many interior designers place a dryer on top of the washing machine in order to maximize the available floor space. This certainly works in smaller spaces but it can look a bit overbearing if you try the same thing in a kitchen. Placing your washer and dryer side by side makes for a consistent look. If you simply do not have room for both, then opt for a combination unit that will both wash and dry.

Whether your laundry area is in the kitchen or in its own room you will need to dry clothing indoors from time to time. Therefore, it is essential that you consider the ventilation of the space. Poorly ventilated laundry areas lead to unpleasant mould and can become smelly. In winter, opening the windows to create air flow is not always an option. Ensure the space has a good extractor unit fitted that will remove unwanted moisture for you.



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