MOM Tip: How to Prevent Cord Ends from Fraying While You Work

twine-end-glued6wMOM Tip: Here’s one for the crafters.

Do you ever try to thread ribbon or twine through a punched hole only to have the end fray and spread in all directions? Here’s the solution:

Put a drop or two of white glue on your finger tip and stick the end of the twine in the glue and rub the glue all over the end.

Twist the end of the twine in the direction that tightens the frayed end, gathering in all the stray bits, until it all stays together.

Let it dry. If you are in a hurry, you can speed it up by using a hair dryer.

After it’s dry, trim off any stray bits, and the end will go nicely through the punched hole.

When you’ve finished your project, you can trim off the glued end.

For ribbon,  put the glue on the end and then gently shape it into a point.

This tip from Crafty Journal.

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