Kidobi: Videos Your Kids Can Learn From!

Kidobi_logo_with_taglineTelevision. Television. Television. If I could say there’s been one distraction throughout all my children’s educational life…It’s television. But now there’s Kidobi®. We recently learned about Kidobi and have had the opportunity to try it out..and well, the kiddos love it!

First things first, check out their website: It’s so clean and easy to navigate. And although you have to pay (a very small $4 month) for the Premium account, you can register for the free account, which includes a TON of free educational videos to begin watching with your kiddos. They have videos for lots of different subjects like Math, Science and Language. BUT, they also have other videos for some of those subjects we often don’t think about as “educational” like Social Development, Emotional Development and Imagination and Creativity.

So what makes Kidobi different than other educational videos? I’ve used lots of different educational videos with my kids. Many of them were sort of educational. They’d often teach my children an important lesson or maybe teach them a fun song about math problems..but did they ever really work? Well, I’m not totally sure…but Kidobi has relieved part of this stress by focusing much of its educational values on individualizing a curriculum for your child. Because every video has been reviewed and categorized by an expert, it’s really easy to navigate and find videos that will be helpful to your child for their specific age and need.

And finally…the best part of it..your kids will love it because many of the videos will be so familiar. They have a bunch of Sesame Street segments as well as other educational cartoon characters like Florrie’s Dragon. Not to mention they also have videos in spanish! Maybe your children (like mine) are in the process of learning spanish, in which case beginning to learn about other subjects in spanish could be very helpful.

After looking through the Kidobi website for a while and testing them out on my kids, I can’t help but think finally, here’s a youtube-like website that’s just for my kids..I don’t have to worry about what they watch (they have parent filters!) and I don’t have to feel like my children are being sucked into television shows that won’t benefit their eager, growing mind!


Disclaimer: I have teamed up with Kidobi for this campaign. We received compensation  for participation in this campaign.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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