How Ingredients Behave In A Cookie Recipe

cookieHave you ever wondered what would happen if you added more brown sugar to a cookie recipe or how to create a crunchier cookie?  How do the ingredients we place in our favorite cookie recipes actually effect the out come of our cookies is actually more about science and chemistry then about baking.

After years and years of baking I realized I just followed my recipes never giving much thought to the effect each ingredient had on my recipe turning out correctly or being a disaster until I read this article from Sugar kissed “How Ingredients Behave In A Cookie Recipe”.  She shares her own experiment of how she was on a quest to find the perfect sugar cookie for decorating,  Discovering first that the foundation of any cookie recipe consists of five types of ingredients: fat, sugar, flour, a rising agent, and a binding agent.  She went on to discover how each of these effected the outcome of her cookie

Click here to discover  for yourself the effects of the  ingredients to create the perfect cookie.  Then click here  to read   Part 2 of The Great Sugar Cookie Experiment to see her final results and then click here for her  My Favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe and start baking your own perfect cookies!



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