Frugal ideas using School Supplies for Gifts {Back to School}

When stores lower prices to beat out the competition, there comes an opportunity to stock up on school supplies. Buy what is on your child’s required list and then buy a small inventory to keep your student in school supplies for later in the year (don’t forget those car travel bags, where school supplies can keep kids busy). In addition to securing a home “School Supply Closet”, you can save now on supplies for other occasions.
Gifts can be created from school supplies. A popular and appreciated birthday party gift is a basket of art supplies. Paints, paper, safety scissors, crayons, washable markers, notebooks and a ruler delight any child. Think Christmas stocking and Easter basket gifts for your own children too! Add to or start for your home a gift closet with these items. Keep an inventory in your home organizer notebook (description below).
Personalized journals can be made from black and white composition books. Covers decorated with scrapbooking paper will be unique and useful. Add a small box of chocolates or a coffee gift certificate and you’ve got the perfect birthday gift.
Spiral notebooks serve many uses in your home during the year. Children love to have their own notebook to draw in or to use as journals. “Phone Notebooks” are helpful to record incoming messages and “who you talked to” when calling customer service. Date the entries and the notebooks themselves for easy referral later. When the notebooks are full, file them to help you with tax time or other record keeping. Designate a spiral notebook for special projects around your house. Keep one at your bed for those mid-night thoughts or ideas heard on television.
Ballpoint pens can be transformed into flowers, as you’ve probably seen in places where people are hoping their pens don’t walk away. You can also make gifts, party favors or colorful decorations for parties with pens.
School supply sales offer you the chance to give to others. Operation Christmas Child, neighborhood shelters and charities, your child’s school and other places are often in need of school supplies. Toys for Tots, in December, would love your donation of colorful markers and crayons.
Home organization can be realized with the sales on notebooks and paper. Buy a 3-ring notebook, copy paper, and notebook dividers. Utilize free, printable forms online to help you streamline your daily life. Here are a few sources:,,, and Compile these forms; find a system that works for you and you’re on your way to smoother days!
Think outside the classroom when shopping for school supplies. Last-minute gifts and future projects will be closer at hand and much more affordable from now on, when you stock up now.


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