DIY Pottery Barn Numbered Baskets


I am one of those Pottery Barn stalkers. Who loves all the decor ideas one can discover just by flipping through the pages of their catalogs.  I dream of decorating my home in Pottery Barn style and love when I run across a DIY Pottery Barn idea like this one from Confessions of a plate addict.

Numbered baskets by using house address numbers – WOW!  why did I not think of this myself, being I love baskets and numbers.    Yes, I even number my five children when organizing our home or even my calendar – numbers are often easier to use then names. So, now I can add this idea to organizing my family.

These are simple to create as well as inexpensive being you can use baskets you already own and the house numbers run about $1.50 each at your local Home Depot.

Click here for step by step how to instructions and get numbering those baskets around your house.


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