Day 66 – Family Bike Ride {100 Days Of Sumer Fun}

bikeDay 66 – Family Bike Ride

Pack a lunch, dinner  or snacks and take your children on a bike ride. Stop for a pic-pic lunch, dinner  or snack.

Use this time to also remind your children of bicycle safety rules.

The basic set of rules for beginning bicyclist from International Bike Fund  are:
1. No playing in the road.
2. No riding on busy streets.
3. Stop and look before entering a roadway to cross or for any other reason.
4. Bicycle ride with traffic regardless of whether it is on the road, on the shoulder or on a sidewalk. [In situations where the infrastructure or other factors force you to ride toward traffic, adjacent to it, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you approach every intersection (road, alley, driveway, parking lot access, etc) with extreme caution and prepared to stop instantly.]
5. Stop for all stop signs and obey all other traffic signs and signals.
6. Make your own decisions (don’t do something just because a frie
7. Keep at least one hand on the handlebars at all times — two is better.
8. No riding at night — even in broad daylight bright cloths are good.
9. Even if you are doing everything else safely and right (please do), it is a good idea, and sometime the law, to wear a bicycle helmet. Bicycle gloves are a second good piece of personal protective equipment.

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