28 Lessons I Learned When My Head Was Stuck In the Fridge

bookI’m crazy excited to announce Steph Finks very first eBook, 28 Lessons I Learned When My Head Was Stuck In the Fridge is now available for purchase on Amazon and  iTunes!

Here is what she has to say about her new book:

I wrote this book to encourage anyone that struggles with food. I’ve struggled with compulsive eating my entire life. In 28 Lessons I Learned When My Head Was Stuck In the Fridge, I share honest lessons that God’s taught me when my head was stuck in the fridge.  My food addiction has drawn me closer to God. God uses our weaknesses to pull His kids in and demonstrate His strength come alive in us! It’s my heart that anyone that reads this eBook knows that they’re not alone, there’s no shame in needing help and they have a friend in Jesus.  Jesus loves us no matter what we weigh.  It’s my prayer that just by reading the title, you experience some level of comfort knowing that you have a friend on the other side of the words that’s struggling and striding with you.

28 Lessons I Learned When My Head Was Stuck In the Fridge was created to encourage you once a day for four weeks!  You can use it as your daily encouragement for 28 days or as a weekly encouragement with an accountability partner or small group of friends.  I’ve also included an ACTION IDEA at the bottom of each lesson because faith, healing and recovery are verbs…action!  Below is a little “taste” of what you’ll find inside 28 Lessons I Learned When My Head Was Stuck In the Fridge:

DAY #21: A Very Loud Brownie Box

One night I begged God for help. This has happened way more than one time, but I remember this night very clearly because a brownie box beckoned. It kept yelling my name. It urged me to “get my eat on,” even though I wasn’t hungry.

It was the perfect set up. My kids were in bed and my husband was at the fire department. No one would know. Addiction is secretive.

Calories eaten alone don’t “count.” Addiction is isolating.

I missed my goal weight this month. Addiction is intense.

What’s a little taste gonna do to hurt me now? Addiction is persuasive.

My former pastor spoke about how he’d grab a spoon and eat straight from a bag of sugar. There’s no way I could judge the dude, cause I’ve cracked open a brownie mix, added water and gone for it. Yeah, that’s right…no oven involved. Addicts find creative ways to get their “fix,” and that night I wanted a “fix.” Addiction is not pretty.

I have a very difficult time asking for help. Addiction is shameful.

But I did. I asked God for help. And God hooked me up.

Earlier that day, I read Psalm 107 where I read clear instructions:

1. To call out to God in my desperate condition

2. That he’d get me out in the nick of time

3. To give thanks to the LORD for His marvelous love

God had given me the weapons of warfare in the morning because He knew I’d be doing battle that night. How’s that for some seriously personalized love? We all need a helping hand from time to time. Brownie boxes can be very loud, ya know.

Maybe you’re addicted to food…

Or shopping.

Or pride.

Or alcohol.

Or worry.

Or pornography.

Or gossip.

Or rage.

Or work.

Or sex.

Or drugs.

Or being right all the time.

Or anger.

Or reality TV.

Or smoking.

Or big spiffy titles.

God is powerful. He can even silence very loud brownie boxes.

I want to encourage you today, whatever you struggle with, invite God in. Ask Him for help. Okay? Okay.

ACTION IDEA: Ask for help!

Here are the links to purchase Steph’s new eBook, 28 Lessons I Learned When My Head Was Stuck In the Fridge:

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