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Rid your garden this Summer of  over 100 pests with Sevin.   GardenTech® Sevin® Brand Insecticides have been trusted by homeowners and professionals to control a wide variety of outdoor insects, including ants, caterpillars, Japanese beetles, white grubs, Lyme disease-transmitting ticks, and other listed insects.

Formulated with carbaryl, the Sevin®  line is one of the most effective synthetic insecticides on the market. With a dual mode-of-action, Sevin® Insecticides break down easily in the environment and can be applied throughout the growing season right up until the day before harvest.

While Sevin® Insecticides are designed for outdoor usage, they can be applied on household plants so as long as the plants are taken outside for treatment; once dried, the plants can be brought
back inside

Ready –to-use formulation ideal for container gardens and potted plants, Sevin® effectively prevents more than 100 listed nuisance insects.

Available in four varieties:

sevin 11. Lawn Insect Granules Large – scale pest protection. Large-scale results.

If you’ve got a large property to maintain and protect, this is the way to go. Loaded into a spreader, granules provide coverage for thousands of square footage. Perfect for creating a perimeter around property, in flowerbeds, ornamentals, or even soiled areas. After spreading, water thoroughly to release active ingredients. Just load, spread, and water, and you’re done.

  • This product kills more than 30 garden pests. For the full list, visit the Know Your Pests page


bug2. Ready-To-Use Bug Killer – Focus on the garden. We’ve got the bugs.

No mixing. No measuring. No mess. Just results. Turn your water hose into a plant protector with Sevin® Ready-To-Spray Bug Killer. Ideal for outdoor gardening, spot pest treatment on fruit trees and ornamentals, or perimeter treatment. Keep away from pets and people until spray has dried, and don’t use on lawns. Wasn’t that easy?

  • This product kills more than 100 garden pests. For the full list, visit the Know Your Pests page


sevin3. Garden Bug Killer & Home Perimeter Granules – Perimeter and Garden Protection Made Simple.

Convenience is a necessity, and the granule garden shaker is the perfect way to deliver medium scale protection to gardens and home perimeters. Shake out according to the distribution rate on the label. After spreading, water thoroughly to release active ingredient. Just shake and water, and you’re done.

  • This product kills more than 20 garden pests. For the full list, visit the Know Your Pests page

 sevin4. Concentrate Bug Killer – A little goes a long way. Like, a really long way.

Concentrates and water go together like peas and carrots. Speaking of peas and carrots, you’ll be harvesting baskets full of them, plus whatever else is growing in your garden. A simple squeeze of the bottle measures the perfect amount for use. Add water to sprayer, and start spraying leaf surfaces, stems, branches, vegetables, flowers, fruits, or ornamentals. Then sit back and enjoy the literal fruits of your labor.

  • This product kills more than 100 garden pests. For the full list, visit the Know Your Pests page

It is simple to use Garden Tech Sevin in your garden with these step by step instructions:

1.        Wearing household latex or rubber gloves, use the ready-to-use shaker container to apply product.
2.        Dust lightly to cover leaf surfaces with a thin, even film of dust.
3.        Start applying at the furthest corner of the treatment area and work backward. Apply when air is calm to avoid drift and contact with eyes or skin.
4.        Consult package label for detailed application considerations and rate recommendations.

·        This product has a dual mode-of-action, working on contact and by ingestion. Therefore, problem pests are controlled either by coming into contact with dust or by feeding on the dust.
·        Product should be used at the first sign of insect infestation, preferably before extensive damage and feeding has taken place.
·        Depending on the edible, the spray can be applied throughout the growing season, including the day before harvest.
·        For plants above chest height, consider using a liquid formulation, such as concentrate, hose-accessible (ready-to-spray) and ready-to-use.

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  1. Thanks for the chance! I pinned the giveaway at–http://pinterest.com/pin/400046379370801414/

  2. Why would you want to kill caterpillars? Butterflies help cross pollinate. So sad that people can use safe methods of bug control in their yards.

  3. Last year I had those enormous, ugly tomato horn worms in my garden–yuck!! I’m going to check and see if Sevin makes a product to get rid of them if they come back this year. Thanks!

  4. I now live in an apartment with no yard. I miss my yard. Never, ever, ever thought those words would come out of my mouth.

  5. This year there are so many slugs in the gardens. My neighbor was just laughing about how much beer she was buying to for her slug traps – that cashiers were starting to think she was partying up

  6. I would like to have my own garden when it is possible. I had never heard of this product before until now. Wow, seems like it would help a lot.

  7. We have a bag of sevin dust sitting by the back door, hubby has to go sprinkle it around the yard tomorrow.

  8. We work hard to keep our yard healthy and hate all of those little pests that want to ruin our hard work!

  9. My husband uses the Concentrate Bug Killer around the perimeter of our veggie garden to keep the pest out.

  10. Oh I would love to use one of the permimeters around the house! We seem to get so many spiders crawling in when the fall comes!

  11. I would really love to have this… I am currently battling a problem with pest in my garden. I have tried home remedies and that has not worked.

  12. I have used Sevin for years to keep bugs from eating my plant leaves and it works great.


  13. Ugh I am not a fan of bugs- and to have your produce ruined by them is heartbreaking. May have to look into this.

  14. I want to start a veggie garden & this product would surely help keep the pest away form my veggies & herbs!

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