MOM Tip: Natural Weed Killer

weed killerMOM Tip: I’ve been researching natural weed killers to keep my kids and dogs safe as well as the environment. There are a lot of posts out there with similar variations of the following, but I liked this one because she actually used it and has before and after pictures.


  • spray bottle (I had a 34 ounce one I purchased at the $ store a while ago)
  • Pickling vinegar (It works better than regular vinegar because the acetic acid % is higher)
  • Salt (1/2 cup for m size bottle)
  • Dish soap (a squeeze)

Fill a spray bottle almost full with Pickling vinegar. Since my spray bottle wasn’t huge, I added only 1/2 cups of salt. If you spray bottle is big, add more salt. Squirt in a dash of dish soap into the bottle. Close the bottle tight and shake.

Be careful of where you spray. I have heard this mix will kill all plants and grass. Just spray the area that you want the weeds to die.

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