MOM Tip: Multi Uses Altoids Containers

altoidMOM Tip: Altoids containers are great for storing and organizing many things.

    • An organizer for small items in your car to keep in your glove compartment
    • Small items in a bathroom drawer like bobby pins, barrettes and hair ties
    • Create mini kits such as sewing supply kits
    • Business card holder
    • Ear buds

Remember to label your containers.

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2 Responses

  1. I like to keep some broken crayons in one with some receipt paper rolled up (or i ask the waitress for some paper) and beads, buttons, and a thin shoelace in another to keep my daughter occupied. It’s great to have in my bag because I usually don’t like to eat at the sort of restaurants that would have kid menus with activity stuff and whatnot. Oh, I also have one with bits of chalk. That never gets old. We can draw on sidewalks, or leave notes for our friends as we walk by their houses.

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