Bullying: Helping Moms Help Kids

final questionBullying: Helping Moms Help Kids

The bullying crisis in our country has both experts and parents alarmed, and for good reason: some statistics show that a child is bullied every 7 minutes. Concerned that most resources for helping parents deal with bullying did not include the needs of young children, entrepreneur Michelle Buelow of the very popular and successful baby accessories line Bella Tunno developed the Bully in a Box iBook series.

Designed specifically to address the bullying that can start with children as young as five or six years old, the Bully in a Box stories give kids the chance to experience common bullying situations through relatable characters, and then discuss emotions, issues and possible solutions in a safe, supportive way with parents and teachers. Each iBook empowers children to identify positive characteristics like loyalty, bravery and compassion, encourages kids to see these traits in themselves, and then ultimately use them through their own actions and choices.

Buelow developed the iBooks in partnership with Minneapolis-based TREAT AND COMPANY, a leading creative agency, as well as an advisory board made up of bullying experts. Each story features bright animated illustrations and fun interactive moments, engaging children to really think about the characters, the situations, and ways to address bullying in their lives.

They’re available at the iBookstore for $1.99.

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