“Should we go?” vs. “Why shouldn’t we go?” .


If you don’t go you’ll never know – Julie Ferwerda

While packing and preparing to leave our life in the USA to begin our family mission adventure in Mexico, we were asked over and over again “Why were we going”?

After we contemplated this question we finally came up with a simple yet challenging response that we will continue to fall back on for years to come – Our answer was “We didn’t ask God if we should go, we asked him why we shouldn’t  go ?” and since  we were never able to come up with a good enough answer as to why we shouldn’t go – we began packing and preparing.

Oh, sure we could have said “we can’t afford this financially”, “we have commitments here at home”, “what about our kids education and their various activities?” or what about  the fear of living in a country many deem unsafe for Americans and  100 other reasons we could have  used to say  no to God.

So often life gets in the way of allowing us to go in the direction God wants us to go  or live out opportunities God wants us to have.  Manikeybe it’s not packing up your family and taking them to another country – maybe its taking time to feed the homeless, teach a bible study, visit someone who is ill, make a meal for a new mom or volunteer to help in your local church or schools.  Then again maybe it is to take a short term missions trip with your family for a weekend or for 6 months. What has God been tugging on your heart about, what opportunity is right there in front of you waiting for you to say “Why, Shouldn’t I/We do it?”

Today, I challenge you to take 10 minutes and sit quietly and ask God the big question ” What are you asking me/us to do?”  – “Why shouldn’t we do it?”

Change the Nike slogan  from Just do it  to I did it –  stop using  those 100 reasons as to why life is getting in the way , let’s instead  surrender our agenda for his and see what life is like when we just do it because there is no reason we shouldn’t and watch your life change by how he wants to use you.


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