30 Minute Challenge – Purge, Sort and Re-Store the Junk Drawer.

drawerThis weeks 30 minute challenge  is the oh, so fun Junk drawer clean out – Give yourself 30 minutes this week to empty and sort your junk drawer.


Begin by purging and tossing out all the un-wanted, un-needed items that have been living in your junk drawer.  Keep only the item you will use and know what they are for. ( my drawer fills up with un-identifiable items)


– Use Ziploc sandwich or quart size bags to organize things into categories before placing them back into the junk drawer. Such as batteries into one Ziploc bag, bolts, screws and spare parts into another etc.


– Use small plastic drawer organizers to separate into categories the items that will remain in your junk drawer


Place everything back in to your junk drawer that you have organized and decided to keep .

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