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mexicoIf you don’t go you’ll never know 

One year ago my husband was approached  by a national company to purchase  his Internet business.  We prayed and prayed and prayed even more wondering if it was time to move on to something new.

During the negotiations we began talking about our future.  We felt that if the deal went through we needed to  take a period of time away from our life, to discover the direction God wanted to take our family next.

At the time we were not  sure what this time away  would be. What we did know was that over the years we have felt passionate about family and missions, yet unsure of when or how that would fit into our family and what God had planned for us.

We spent time talking, dreaming and praying  about the future.  We had ideas of buying an RV traveling across the US seeking out family ministry opportunities or maybe a foreign mission trip of some sort.  We had no idea only felt that this was an opportunity  we needed to take to stop our busy life  and seek God.

In June 2012 the sale went through and we began seeking for direction on where we were to go.  In October 2012 we took our second trip to mexicoMexico to be part of a house build with Homes of Hope as well as attend a YWAM event titled Baja and Beyond – an event that was inspirational, challenging and once again causing my heart for Mexico to soar with excitement as to the ministry opportunities there for those in need of not only homes and  mentoring but who needed to know Jesus.

During our time there we discovered there would be a YWAM   All Nations for All Generations DTS that would include families=.  My  heart soared again beating faster with the possibility that this is where God was calling us to take our time away from our life.

We were reminded of a quote I had written down by Julie Ferwerda “ Are we satisfied with happy well-adjusted, even ambitious kids who happen to love God , or is there something more? “ We wanted more for not only ourselves but for our kids. And a family YWAM DTS seemed like the opportunity we were looking for.

We headed home filled with vision, passion and yes, a little fear of how to move our busy family from life in the US to life in Mexico.

We began the registration process, began making to do lists, packing lists and arrangements to leave behind 3 college age kids,  my husbands new business ventures and our kids lives of sports, school and friendships.

We are now 20  days away from the begimexiconning of our journey where we are stepping  out as One Family to discover what God is calling us to – knowing that not only can our family step out , take a risk but your family can to.  Maybe your one family can’t exactly stop the current life  you are living  and leave the country but your one family can make a difference for the Kingdom in ways you may never have imagined possible.

Follow our journey as we discover how  each one of our families  can make a difference as together we live out what Mark Batterson once wrote “We need people who are more afraid of missing opportunities than making mistakes. People who dare to dream the unthinkable and attempt the impossible” 

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