Table Talk

Tonight’s Table Talk

….to create conversation

Q: What’s your choice; baseball, football, frisbee, hacky sack, or boomerancy?


Q:  Why do rabbits do so well at school?

A: They’re experts at multiplication.

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One Response

  1. Football, but it’s not like I can watch it. With three little ones, and The Wife who’s not particularly a lover of the NFL, I’ve decided NOT to be the “sports guy” that demands my wife cater to my needs for 4 hours, three times a week, after taking care of the little ones every other hour of the day that I’m at work. I catch the odd game and know one day I’ll have more time for that. I had kids to be with my kids. So I’ll toss the pigskin out front with my boy, and that’s enough for now. Oh, and that’s just me, just opinions, and noting else.

    The Cheeky Daddy

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