On a Mission to the Mission

2 daysWHEW!!!! The countdown is here and we are 2 sleeps away(how my kids count) to the big day when we will pile into the car and back out of our driveway to begin our 5 month missions journey.  Until then I am on a mission to the mission.  My Daily life has gone from normal busy mom to panic mode mom of long lists to check off and a  brain wondering if I truly can accomplish all that I need to before we pile into that car in 2 more sleeps.

I’m a mom on a mission to get to the mission that  God has opened  the door big and wide for the next 5 months and that is what keeps me going in the  super mom mode.

Preparing to leave our life here in the US is a much bigger task then I imagined.  Our family has been on a number of long vacations and I’m used to leaving our life for a couple of weeks at a time.  However, when you decide to leave for months you can’t just leave the mail in the mail box until you arrive back home, you can’t leave food in your fridge and freezer hoping its worth eating when you return, bills won’t get paid unless some one writes a check for them,  then there are the tasks of  organizing Passports, Visas, kids school work, international auto insurance and cell phones and I can’t forget about our life when we return where will the kids go to school, when do football sign ups begin again and who needs a doctor or dentist appointment ? the list continues.  I lay awake in bed listing off the tasks I need to accomplish, I drive around town thinking of more to do’s asking myself is this all worth it?

When I stop and place focus back on what is ahead  all of those lists seem to disappear, the unknowns ahead seem to not matter and I take a deep breath knowing that this mission I am on to get to the mission is going to be a God adventure  for not only my husband and I,  but for  our children that will forever change our lives.  I reflect back on a recent book I read Titled ” The Mission Minded Family”.  The paragraph  said this:

” God has a destiny for your family.  He has an individual plan for each member, as well as a “corporate”purpose for you as a family unit.  God will help you, as parents, to train each child toward God’s mission for his or her life, and He will help you to focus your family toward making a strong impact for His kingdom – in your community, in your church, in your children’s schools, and in the world.”

There comes a time in your life where you have to decide to obey and follow or live out your life regretting you did not follow what God placed on your heart.  mexico straoght aheadIn 2 days my husband and I will follow what we believe God placed on our hearts, to stop life here in the US and move to another country and show our children that  even at their ages they can impact the kingdom for God,  I believe God has a mission for not only this mom but for each of them.

Today, with 48 hours left to pack and finalize all those last minute details I remind myself this mission I have been on to get to the mission that God has called our family to is and will be worth it.

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  1. Wow…I’m so excited for you! I’ll be praying and following along. You are in for such an adventure, I know it. Thank you for your obedience and setting an example for the rest of us! 😉
    Aloha to you, and Happy Easter!

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