HELP Me “Let Go” To Uganda

ugandaIt’s mom confession time:  I have not done this college stage of mothering thing well.  I struggle with letting go and letting God. Especially when it comes to my daughter Savannah.  She has one goal and that is to graduate from college and leave the country.  Not because she is feed up with politics but because  she has a heart for missions, a heart for children, for those who walk miles for water, are not given the opportunity for an education,  who are hungry, hurting and need Jesus.

As Mother Teresa once said  “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”   Savannah wants to be that stone casted across the world to lands you and I may never travel to. Today , she  is in love with cities she has never been to and people she has yet to meet – but you can help her change that and give her the opportunity to see a country she loves and people she desires to serve with one simple step.
Help her to Uaganda: Savannah has entered a Contest to WIN a missions trip to UGANDA.  She can WIN by you LIKING her Facebook savmexcomment on the ” Dollar For The Poor” contest post                      (the most likes wins the trip).


There are THREE ways to LIKE her comment and help her get to Uganda and help this mom let go and let God use her daughter.


You MUST LIKE  her comment (Savannah Lynn Novotny) Not the actual post or picture. 

#1 – From Your phone – if you are using your phone you can find her comment by clicking this link  then scrolling down to the date and time that her comment that was  posted it :  SAVANNAH LYNN NOVOTNY Monday at 6:57pm  or 8:57pm or 9:57pm  (depends on your time zone)


#2 From your computer : Click this link it will take you to Dollar for the poor facebook page  and her  comment then you can  LIKE  :Savannah Lynn Novotny” comment


#3 You can go to this link  and Try clicking “See previous comments” at top of post  until all of the comments are visible, then use Ctrl + F (or Cmd + F on Mac) to search for Savannah Lynn Novotny  – then LIKE her comment.

A little more about Her:
Savannah completed her first two years of college while in high school  and is currently a junior in college  studying to be a Teacher. She feels this degree and education will give her open doors  on the mission field offering a skill that will benefit the children and possibly even the adults.



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