Books For Raising World Changer Kids

bookIn my search for bed time stories to read to my two youngest boys I cam across a series of books called the Light Keepers by Irene Howat.  A series of books  about boys and girls who made an impact on our world by using the gifts and talents that God gave them.

As a mom I want to  inspire my boys that God has given them gifts and talents and if used for his purpose they can make a difference in our world for him – this series of books shares story after story of kids who grew up and did just that.

We  started with the book titled “Ten Boys Who Changed The World” and each night my boys would head to bed begging me to read the next story.  These stories are short enough you can read about one person each night, they are also exciting and informative to the reader/listener so your kids will stay engaged  during each story.

You can purchase thees books individually or save money and purchase  them in a boxed set.  I purchased one book, once we finished my boys requested we buy the boxed set and read each of them.  We are now patiently waiting for them to arrive.  You can also purchase them for your kindle reader or app.

The books are about men and women of great faith who grew up to influence our world and are recommended for ages 8 to 12. The series  includes :

Boys Boxed Series:

Ten Boys Who Changed the World

Ten Boys Who Used Their Talents

Ten Boys Who Made a Difference

Ten Boys Who Didn’t Give in

Ten Boys Who Made History

Girls Boxed Series:

Ten Girls Who Changed the World

Ten Girls Who Used Their Talents

Ten Girls Who Made a Difference

Ten Girls Who Didn’t Give in

Ten Girls Who Made History


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