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ipadYes, I have boys and Yes, they are little technology geeks carrying those tablets with them as we travel,  sit in doctor offices, run errands or just while relaxing at home.  So, I am always looking for Apps that have an educational purpose.  I recently found a perfect list of educational Apps for boys over on The MOB Society blog, of course girls will also enjoys thees apps.

Check out these apps – then click here to see more  of  The MOB Society list of favorite apps for boys.


farmersmarketFarmers Market is a fun little app to help children with currency and giving change. The tiny chicken is running a farmers market and you sell 10 items and give the change correctly to win. Our first grader really loves this game and it has spurred a interest in using our school currency to buy and sell their matchbox cars to each other.

readingeggsReading Eggs is a name known for their online reading games but they also have a number of iPad apps. Our first one we downloaded was Eggy 100 Sight Words then quickly followed by their pad apps for first and third grades. It’s a fun way to hear and see sight words as they collect eggs to unlock levels and pictures.

rocketspellerRocket Speller is the app for kids that fight in learning. You know the ones that know that close up and don’t want to play the ‘game’ because it’s work. This is the app for them. Not only are they working on recognizing letters but also associating the sound and the image of that word. All of course while helping the alien to the rocket ship. This is by far one of the nicest free apps I have come across in a while.

timmyadventureTimmy’s Kindergarten Adventure covers math, science, reading, and of course fun. I love that in order to move on with Timmy’s Adventure you must complete activities in order for Timmy to continue on the path. Selecting a digital clock that matches a analog one and picking a word that matches the spoken word are just a few activities they do in order to collect coins to fill their piggy bank.




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