30 Minute Challenge – Organize Your Purse

timerWhat would you organize if you had an extra 30 minutes?  It only takes 30 minutes a week to begin tackling those need to get organized ares of your life with 24/7MOMS weekly  30 minute challenge of ideas, tips and resources.  Join us right here each Monday and get ready to set those timers as we get organized together

This week we will begin with : Organizing Your Purse/Handbagpurse

We moms carry way to many items in our purses and often hear how we have everything in our purse including the kitchen sink. Then when it is time to find an item in our purse it is nearly impossible being it is filled with wrappers, old receipts, kids toys, and that supposed kitchen sink.  Let’s lighten our load this week by cleaning out our purses and make finding items easier. If you would actually prefer replacing your old purse with a new one, then you must definitely think to buy hermes birkin bags

Step #1 – Empty out the contents your purse ( everything)

Step #2  – Sort into three piles: Garbage, Keep in purse, put away (items that belong elsewhere)

Step #3 – Toss garbage and take put away items back to their original homes.

Step #4 – Evaluate your keep in purse pile and see if items need to be grouped into a smaller cosmetic bag, coin purse etc.  Such as make-up, lipsticks, chap sticks, lotions can all be placed in to a smaller cosmetic bag. Pens, postage stamps etc can be places in a small pouch  etc.

Step #5- Wipe out bag with damp cloth and wipe down items you will be placing back in to your purse.

Step #6 – Place back your Keep in purse items back in to your purse and check to see if you have our must have items from the list below:

  • Wallet
  • Cell Phone
  • Gum or mints
  • Keys
  • Writing pen and small notebook
  • Small pack of kleenex
  • Travel size lotion
  • Lip Stick-gloss, chap stick

See you next week  for another 30 minute weekly challenge




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